LOD Triplification Challenge

Tim Berners-Lee, W3C

The yearly organized Linking Open Data Triplification Challenge awards prizes to the most promising triplifications of existing Web applications, Websites and data sets.

For the success of the Semantic Web it is from our point of view crucial to overcome the chicken-and-egg problem of missing semantic representations on the Web and the lack of their evaluation by standard search engines. One way to tackle this problem is to reveal and expose existing structured (relational) representations, which are already backing most of the existing Web sites. The Triplification challenge aims to expedite this process by raising awareness and showcasing best practices.

The challenge is open to anyone interested in applying Semantic Web and Linked Data technologies. This might include students, developers, researchers, and people from industry. Individual or group submissions are both acceptable.

For information about the individual challenges please consult:

Contact and Further Information

In the event of any inquiries regarding the Triplification Challenge 2010, please contact Bernhard Schandl. For technical information please consult the W3C SWEO LinkingOpenData Wiki, Tim Berners-Lee's Design Issues, the Triplify web site, the Linked Data Tutorial, PDF DocumentLinked Data using OpenLink Virtuoso and use the Triplify discussion & LOD mailinglists.

Steering Committee

Sören Auer (AKSW, Universität Leipzig), Chris Bizer (FU-Berlin), Ivan Herman (W3C), Kingsley Idehen (OpenLink Software), Tassilo Pellegrini (Semantic Web Company)

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