AKSW Colloquium ?Knowledge Extraction and Presentation? on Monday, July 28, 3.00 p.m. in Room P702
Knowledge Extraction and Presentation On Monday, July 28,  in room P702 at 3.00 p.m., Edgard Marx proposes a question answering system. He has a computer science background (BSc. and MSc. in Computer Science/PUC-Rio) and is a member of AKSW (Agile Knowledge Engineering and Semantic Web). Edgard has been engaging in Semantic Web technology research since  [...]

[CfP] Semantic Web Journal: Special Issue on Question Answering over Linked Data
Dear all, The Semantic Web Journal is launching a special issue on Question Answering over Linked Data, soliciting original papers that * address the challenges involved in question answering over linked data, * present resources and tools to support question answering over linked data, or * describe question answering systems and applications. Submission deadline is [...]

Triplify provides a building block for the “semantification” of Web applications. Triplify is a small plugin for Web applications, which reveals the semantic structures encoded in relational databases by making database content available as RDF, JSON or Linked Data.

Triplify is very lightweight: It consists of only a few files with less than 500 lines of code. For a typical Web application a configuration for Triplify can be created in less than one hour and if this Web application is deployed multiple times (as most open-source Web applications are), the configuration can be reused without modifications.

Triplify makes Web applications easier mashable and lays the foundation for next-generation, semantics-based Web searches.


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